We serve all our business entrepreneurs throughout daily business of the company To make their sales easier as we always supply high quality products.


V Net Plus International is a company which has an effective, strong and stable business plan that guides all the members towards a comfortable life.


To spread all over the world with a huge customer base and full fill all our employees as well as customer needs by supplying best quality products.

Welcome to V NET PLUS

V NET PLUS is a kind of a marketing company which provides a lot of services to the country as well as to the world. It provides valuable opportunities to uplift the lifestyles of each and every person of the country by involving with so many areas in different ways. People who would always undertake opportunities as well as risk may have a awesome journey of a excellent life by joining with us.

We provide education to all under the roof of V NET Institute in a attractive way in English medium by full filling the requirement of today's world. Qualified and experienced teaching staff is always gather around the students to make their dreams come true.

We are willing to provide business consultation towards the success of your business under the theme of " Dream BIG & Achieve BIG "

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We provide any type of printing services according to the requirement of our valued customers and full fill their expectations up to the level.


Anyone can invest on our electric and electronic items that are exporting. Earnings and profits will depend on the amount of investments.

Business Consulting

We are always available to uplift your business. No need of being worried until we are available for your service. We are willing to provide our excellent business consultation for your success. Feel free to meet and discuss with us. Feel the different. DREAM BIG, ACHIEVE BIG.

V NET web solutions & designing

We provide solutions for any kind problems on your website. Also will be given a unique design as the customer requirement. 100% guaranteed services will be provided according to the agreement.

V NET Institute

It's a pleasure to announce as we are successfully completed the first year of V NET INTERNATIONAL, we are now available with a institute where it makes skilful and brain full citizens to the world. We wish to develop ourstudents to full fill the future requirements of the country.

Courrier Service

Goods will be delivered to your doorstep within 1 week of clear purchase .

Our Products



Our service is guaranteed 100% uptime and accessible from every part of the world

Business Plan

A plan that has been design from scratch so that everyone will be profited.

24/7 supports

Best Customer among the competitors, always online to answer your questions.


V NET Plus International

V NET Plus International proudly celebrated 1st anniversary on 17th of January, 2018. As we passed one year of excellence, we started V NET Web Solutions and V NET Institute on 18th of January 2018. V NET Plus International is always looking forward to create a better future for its members that full filled with satisfaction of products as well as earnings.

V NET Web Solutions

One of the latest members of V NET Plus International is V NET Web Solutions which always available to provide web solutions to their customers. Our dynamic, experienced and excellent developing staff is always available to fulfil customer needs up to the level they expected.